Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let Me Take a Minute....

to share what's on my heart today. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and food abundance for most Americans, I have been thinking about my friends in Liberia, West Africa.

For those who know us personally, you know we have adopted Teddy from Liberia. For those who just stumbled upon this blog, our journey with Liberia began a couple years ago. Our adoption took longer than expected but during that time many unexpected things took place that we had no idea were coming. One being the extent we would become involved.

I had always wanted to go to Africa. Since my earliest memory, I believe I was 9 years old, I had told my mom that I wanted to be a missionary there. I think for me it started with the National Geographic magazines that talked about this place very far away and television shows that grew my curiosity. 29 years later that dream became a reality for me. I was flying to Africa for my little boy.

Back up a year....While waiting for adoption paperwork to be finalized, I made my first trip to Liberia to visit our son. Then there was another trip. A month long trip to be exact. This was the trip I needed to become a "sold-out" advocate for Africa. For orphans, widows, child soldiers, special needs and the hungry. And before the adoption went through, there was yet another trip to this war-torn country.

So, what does 3 trips to Africa have to do with a cooking blog? Nothing really. But cooking is about serving food to those we love because it is a gesture to let them know how much we care about their well-being. One of the best parts of my day(in Africa) was when we ate. I saw Teddy devour his food like there was no tomorrow. It felt good to provide that for him. I love it when my kids are fed dinner and bathed and tucked into a comfy bed. These are 3 things that children in Liberia, and most of Africa, live without every day.

I have made so many friends with people from Liberia. They are no longer a face in a magazine or someone on a public education channel. They are my friends. I care about what happens to them. I want to see hungry children eat. This Thanksgiving will you help me feed them? We have started a project called the Rice Bowl. This project will feed hungry families in Liberia. It will enable people to eat at least one meal of rice a day. In fact, if you donate just one dollar, 2 people will eat for one day! And the best part is 100% of ALL MONEY goes directly to feeding people! Please help us feed them!

If you wish to donate (any amount) please click here

This is a picture of one of our meals at a cookshop in Liberia. Eating in the picture is Mark (on left) he is our sponsored grown-up son. Teddy, our adopted son and Alfred (on right) my taxi driver/friend.

A family we gave rice to. If you would like to sponsor a family like this with a full bag of rice and receive their picture please email me.

a typical cookshop meal, rice and fish

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