Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Liberian Family Receives Rice

Not a day goes by (since my trips to Africa) that I don't think about how to better help and serve the people in Liberia. I am thinking about ways to improve what we are doing @ Global Orphan Outreach
and ways I can contribute to other organizations who are working on other areas. The need is so great and I wish that I could contribute more. So, when other families jump in and say they want to help...well, it is encouraging! It is so awesome to be able to bring food (or other help) to another family. We also do a school sponsorship program and working with the people in Liberia with this program I realized how important it is to see that kids are fed FIRST! It becomes very hard for a student to learn when their bellies are constantly thinking of hunger. It is hard for them to stay in school when hungry because they know if they could just sell something during the day, they might be able to eat. This is such a basic need that goes unmet everyday for many people. Many people are helping to feed people and we are happy to be able to contribute along with them!

This is a picture of a family that recently received a bag of rice by a sponsor. Her name is Minnie. Minnie has 3 children to provide for but no education, no other family (it is believed all her other relatives died in the war), can't really speak much English and has not had a source of income for more than 10 years! Recently she began selling charcoal which has provided some income. One of her daughters has been to school and is done, the other is currently walking FOUR HOURS each day for her education. I believe this daughter's journey will be better on a full stomach!

This is where Minnie and her children are living. The above picture shows their room. It is dark, humid and the roof leaks. So many needs...but this month she will not have to worry about food.

I want to direct you to the family's blog that has blessed our Liberian family. Please visit Mama B and get to know this awesome family! Thank you B family for your support!

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