Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rice for Liberia

What is so awesome about this 50 lb bag of rice? Well, I suppose to us not much, but to the families in Liberia that are receiving this bag it means a whole lot! A bag like this for a Liberian is extremely difficult to afford. You see, most Liberians live on a dollar or less/day. 30 dollars per month is their earnings! This bag of rice will cost ALL of that money! And, if they want the better rice that does not contain small stones in it, it would be DOUBLE! It's crazy and sometimes overwhelming to think we can change what will always be with us. We can't change the world, but we CAN change the world for just one person!

We had 2 families that will be helped with a month worth of food from my last post!! That is totally awesome! I share this with Teddy every time another family is fed because he knows what hunger pains are and he gets excited when he hears that a child is fed.

Here is a picture of a page out of Teddy's school journal when he first came home. He asked for rice everyday...

Another one from his journal: He was overwhelmed to have 3 meals a day. :)

And here is his Thanksgiving turkey he made this year:

I just want to say thanks to you who have given of your resources to help these families! We appreciate your heart for the people who truly need your assistance. Your information about your families will be on its way soon.

Anyone interested in helping a's NEVER to late to give food to someone. And no amount is too small!

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