Monday, September 28, 2009

Freezing Green Peppers

Freezing peppers is very easy. These are one of the foods that you don't have to blanch before freezing so it is very quick to do. I like to freeze a bunch of bags to have on hand because it is a great way to save extra time in the kitchen later. Just grab what you need out of the bag and add to your meal. Here is the way we do it: Wash peppers thoroughly and dry.

Cut around the tops and twist and the top and seeds should pop right off. Cut peppers in 1/2. Remove any remaining seeds. Cut peppers into whatever size strips or chunks you like. Freeze peppers in a single layer on a cookie sheet until frozen. Sometimes I just toss into the bag and break off however many I want to use. They seem to break apart easily, however individually freezing them first will allow you to just pour some out easily.

Put peppers into freezer bags and press out any air. Seal and freeze.
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