Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rhubarb Juice

After you are done making rhubarb jam and your favorite rhubarb dessert, do you wonder what to do with the rest or wish someone would just come take it off your hands? I usually freeze some but mostly I make it into this juice. The kids especially like it made into popsicles. Now I can it and have it ready for use.

To make the juice, you first have to make juice from the rhubarb. The way it is usually done is by adding enough water and cooking until soft and then straining the juice out. The way I make my juice is by using a steam juicer. I just place cut-up rhubarb into the top (water is in pan under it) and cook it for a few minutes until it is soft. The steamer has a hose on it which drains into jars or bowls, etc. I love this juicer for alot of different juices. If you think you might use one alot the investment is not too bad. Anyway....on to making the juice to can...

Recipe for Rhubarb Juice to Can:

6 quarts rhubarb juice
1 quart pineapple juice
1 can Hawaiian Punch (I actually used 2/3 of a one gallon size)
3 1/2 cups sugar

Mix all ingredients in a large kettle. Boil for 5-10 minutes. Skim light foam off if necessary. Pour into hot, sterilized jars and seal.

(To sterilize my jars I wash them and put them in the oven at 225 degrees for 10 minutes. After this point just keep them hot.) Remove one jar at a time and fill and seal.

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