Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teddy's Cabbage Contest

Teddy brought home a Bonnie cabbage plant from school last week along with instructions on what to do with it. The reason Teddy found this cabbage and instruction sheet so much fun is because if you grow the biggest cabbage this season someone from each state will win a $1,000 scholarship. If there is competition involved, you have his attention. "Mom, we have to try to win!" he says. Anyone know how to grow a 40 pound cabbage, cause I surely don't!? Feel free to leave a comment on how we might get started on our garden wonder!

The first step says to have a parent help you. I think having grandma's help will work here too. We are actually supposed to plant this baby outside in the cool weather now. What Wisconsin weather doesn't understand is that in April it ISN'T supposed to snow anymore!! The saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers." Hmmm, still waiting. So, in the meantime we will re-pot him (or her?) in a bigger pot and see if we can still do some growing inside for now.

Know a teacher who might want to share this project with their children? You can find out how, here.

Here's an interesting post/tutorial on how to make homemade sauerkraut using the canning method from Keeper of the Home. We will probably have plenty of kraut if our cabbage does well! And, this method seems so much faster than Grandma's did!

Wish us luck!!

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